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Guilty Temptation

Giving all my energy, you were the remedy.

Used to be a friend to me, now you're the enemy.

(I’m Drained you see)

Everything you claimed to be.


I'm embarrassed!! Your careless Living free and your fearless Pretending!!

Now it’s clear to me

Everything you perceived to be

Sold to me fictitiously Body craving you deliciously Got me claiming you

Damn, I’m down bad with a case of you!

Really your no good for me.

Guilty temptation

Got my mind racing

Wondering, I’m bracing

Mind starts erasing

Contemplation or complication

Shit your no good for me.

Dive right in and I’m tracing these thoughts

Pencil and pen

You're my thick and I'm your thin

I could write about you again and Again

Really your no good for me

Sneaky little trips and the way you kiss my lips

Caressing my face with your fingertips

Can’t get you out my head

Scrolling through your thread

All your messages left on read

Your no good for me.

Feeling like you were good to me you were just exposing me This is who you chose to be Now you can’t get close to me Wasn’t how shits supposed to be

You loved me “supposedly”

-Nya Renee 🖤️🥶

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