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Good Boys & Bad Girls

Brown eyes and pretty curls

She’s one of the pretty girls

She likes diamonds and pearls

Will Come in ya life and fuck up your world

Boujie not ghetto

Damn she had me at hello

Good boy

Not bad

Im tryin to be the best

she’s ever had

Not talking materialistic

something more realistic

Beauty and brains

And her ego’s hard to tame

Think she’s beautiful and elegant

I’m sure she’s wondering how that’s relevant

brings out the best in me

I need her desperately

Bad girls don’t impress me

But damn she got me pressed B

Pillow talking and I don’t do this often

Till death do us part


I’m the textbook definition of everything you missing

There is no competition

Emotionally invested

Showing her all my imperfections

And she’s the closest thing to perfection

I want to see her reflection in every direction

Something like a guilty obsession

Is she a lesson or a blessing?

I could talk about her for hours and hours

It’s like this girl got super powers

And she eats at my heart


I bring her flowers and she laughs

I guess that’s what happens

when a good guy and bad girl

cross paths

- Nya Renee 🖤✍️🥶

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