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Generational Curses

At what point of our lives do we open up our eyes:

To the demise that was sent through these, generational curses

Hindering our happiness through the thoughts of materialized prizes

We began stressing over what we do not have

Blocking blessings and enduring lessons

that we signed up for the moment we

Started obsessing over the next man's possession

It’s time to surrender to the power within

Let's begin to treat each other as kin

So that there’s more love and less hate

We all have the potential to be great

Greater than what we’ve been subjected to

I know the feeling of, there’s no place to call home

In a world where money is everything choose to stand on your own

Be the truth that you seek

I mean I don't want to preach but my life’s purpose is to teach

So light has been shed

Wake up from the darkness that you created in your head

I know it’s always easier said

But you are the change this lifetime needs to see

So get your ass up and go live your wildest dreams

-Sierra M. D.

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