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It was freedom that I was seeking from the start. I knew that I had to start by looking within and opening up my heart. But how can one do so when they’re left by themselves in the dark? Constantly left to battle this thing called life. But I’m here putting up a fight because I know it’s my birth right to have the life that I choose to write.

I tried and tried plenty of times to look within  but anytime I looked within I couldn’t stand the feeling of letting my own self in. I was used to feeling sad and alone and believing everything everyone said even when it came down to my foes. This was my “broken home” away from my broken home. The only place that I can feel those low vibrational feelings without being judged on my own.

I realized tho in order to be free I needed to free myself from the shackles of life, that alone started with the mind. I had to free my mind, body and soul but in order to do so I had to change my way of thinking so I can have my ideal life. Nobody had control over me physically, but mentally I gave them the remote, I gave them full range. I allowed them to be in control, allowing me to lose touch with self causing me to flip but lord knows I could never fold.

I now know that everyone did NOT have me shackled up and stuck. But it was me and my victim mentality that were the biggest crooks.. crying, wondering why me? Should I fight or should I flee? I thought it was Them Vs Me. How can I run when it's wasn't that but indeed it was Me vs Me. Not seeing the part that I played to have me feeling disconnected and stuck. One thing I do know is that my life changed forever when I decided to pick myself up.

I realize I was never stuck I allowed the opinions from others to overstay their welcome. I welcomed them in with open arms and adapted them as my own. Disowning my truth because others failed to see what I once seen in me. I blew out my own damn light because the crowd didn’t think I was the real deal knowing damn well knew I was real right! I’m no longer fighting resistance and locking myself out but instead im in hermit mode embracing me and stay out of sight. I now know I have the key to life and it starts with a level head and a clear mind! This is what freedom feels like. I decided to take a leap of faith. Not only did I step, but I soared and I flew. This feeling right here of releasing the fears that I once had is what freedom feels like and wow this feeling right here feels so surreal but it's real. I'm experiencing life! This is what freedom feels like.

Freedom ! -Sk ❤️‍🩹🕊️✨

Much love and gratitude! Feed back is always welcomed . Follow to subscribe if you enjoyed my piece! 🤍

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