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Forgiving You & Me

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

I wanna grow so bad but holding on to all these grudges on the people I love or once loved makes me sad and I know it’s doing nothing but holding me back. But to let go without closure makes me realize I am my own shoulder. As I get older and older I peep that I’m the one who has to give myself closure because holding grudges does nothing but make you colder. I’m lifting this weight up off my shoulders!

I’m forgiving and taking that unsaid apology so it can no longer bother me! Might not forget but I’ll forgive you even if that means putting my pride to the side whole heartedly. This crazy feeling I’ve had for years is finally departing from me! Letting go can be hard especially when holding these grudges was the only way to keep all of you apart of me! But I’m healed enough at this point in my life to realize it was me this whole time.

Staying sad and mad to keep you relevant because the thought of not having you around how I wanted made me feel way less then whole but I realized it’s super selfish of me to bash you how can I be so bold? But truth be told it’s because I had a tough time accepting that sometime people grow in different directions. We don’t always have to see eye to eye! I have an issue, yeah I know it’s letting shit slide and people go! Anger and disbelief is who I come to be so yes I forgive you but in the process I have to take accountability and just like I forgive you, I forgive me!

There’s no more of you or me holding me back from who I’m supposed to be. I’m letting go so I can have a piece of mind. Im forgiving the mean version of you I keep locked up inside. Because I see that image every time I try to look inside to confide. I no longer want to see that version of you because yes that’s you but not all of you! I’m trying to heal me and I mean all of my wounds. I’m just simply Keem no matter how cliché it may seem. I’m trying to balance the beam. I’m trying to get realigned! I’m not gonna hold you right now for me is the perfect time.

So it’s been real but those emotions of sadness, anger and fear can no longer reside in my mind! I’m letting go of the rage and built up anger I have inside. Forgiving you and me is the best thing I can do so I say this humbly and with gratitude and love I’m happy for these experiences but the grudges are beyond me.

I see so much clearer now that my lenses are wiped clean. So tata for now negative energy. Looking back on how I used to feel and think is so humbling. it’s time for a new slate so I’m looking back and now I’m putting me first because I know that starts with me forgiving the younger version of who I used to be. That means I forgive you and me.

Forgiving You and Me”

-Sk 🖤✨

Lemme pick your brain 🙃

Forgiveness of self and others

Forgiving yourself and others isn’t only about trying to put the past behind you and moving on. It is about accepting what has happened and showing compassion to yourself. Forgiveness is taking ownership and facing what you have done or what has happened. self-forgiveness allows you to set yourself free from hurt that you have done to yourself so you can move on ❤️

Journal prompt : this journal prompt you can write a letter to yourself or the person you seem to hold a grudge on and after you can rip it up or burn it or keep it to reflect. An example of how you can start is below!

Good luck and happy journaling!

Sending love, light and healing energy always!

-Simply Keem


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