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Ego Season

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

In this life it’s sink or swim

Baby we happened off a whim

See I miss that little grin

The one you’d give

Right before you dive right in

To my intelligence

fed me bullshit about how

You thought I was excellent and carried myself with Elegance

Your attitude was arrogant

Even when I tried to be transparent

We’re getting older and excuse me if I give the cold shoulder

I’m moving forward

Maybe the way I speak comes off much colder


I carry myself much bolder

Piece by piece I tried to make you

My Peace

but you were wrapped up in the fast life

Well that’s my past life

See we’re grown now

all that old shits been thrown out

I’m a Queen

I can’t fold now

I’m something you should treasure

Write me love letters

Forever applying pressure

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

So let me reintroduce myself

It’s been a pleasure

-Nya Renee ✍🏼🖤🥶

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