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East Coast, West Cost (Connections)

Story By Michael Panzarino

Keiala Jenkins started “Yuneekdesigns” in 2011. After my husband was killed, she needed a second income to stay afloat, so, Keiala started selling just T shirts and earrings that she had made myself.

At that time Keiala didn't know anything about sewing or making clothes, but over the next year she watched YouTube videos of DIY sewing and actually taught herself to sew.

By 2013 Keiala was sewing much of her own clothes and having small fashion shows of her own. She has a fierce passion for creating and designing and Keiala has just kept up with it every day since then .Until this day she still hasn’t taken a sewing class, but, Keiala teaches sewing classes and she has designed for many people. Her “one of a kind” clothing is being worn in 38 states across the map.

In February of 2019, Keiala crossed paths with Michael A. Panzarino, of M.A.P. Graphics in Manhattan at the “New York Fashion Week Infinite Exposure Fashion Show” powered by Juan Carlos Guevara, owner of Peekapose Productions. Michael sent Kieala the photos he shot of her Runway Creations and the two have regularly kept in touch since.

Michael contacted Kieala recently and asked if she would like to collaborate on a project for “Threads the Magazine Holiday Issue”. She jumped at the challenge of creating 3 designs for 3 specific models. Michael contacted Capital Region Models Perpetua Smith, MiKaila Espara and Christie Cullum and asked if they would be interested in taking part in this Holiday Collaboration, they also were excited to participate in this last minute project.

So, Michael sent Kieala the model’s measurements and “Yuneek Designs” went to work creating three completely different looks for the 3 beautiful models. After weeks of looking for the right materials and accents, she started to Create. One look was a two piece, (a top and pants) the Second look was a “High cut dress” with a pair of matching leggings and the Third look started out as a dress made of two different material patterns. This third look was then transformed into a Beautiful one piece “Jump Suit”.

Because of the short notice and the submission deadline, a s soon as the 3 outfits were completed, Kieala immediately overnighted them to Michael from El Cajon, California (a suburb 20 miles East of San Diego, California) to M.A.P. Graphics in Albany, New York. Michael instantly contacted MiKaila, Perpetua and Christie, as soon as the package was delivered to him to set up the shoots with Perpetula one evening and MiKalia and Christie, together, two days later.

And to the Surprise of the Models, Keiala told Michael to give the clothes to each model as a present for participating in the Last Minute Project. It goes without saying the Models were all Ecstatic when they went to give the clothes back and Michael told them they were theirs to keep.

Yuneek Designs has participated in over 20 fashion shows over the years and is Excited to say, this is the Very First Time her “One of a Kind” designs have been in Any Magazine !!!! Keep your eyes Open, I don’t believe this is the last time that this “East Coast-West Coast Connection” will be Collaborating for Threads The Magazine


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