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Drawing the line

Drawing the line

I had enough! This is where I draw the line! I’m here to regain control and take back what’s mine! I’m taking accountability for all that I’ve let slide! Im setting boundaries. Mark my words they’ll see real soon! I’m learning how to say no without that crazy guilty feeling. Some days are easier than others you should see how I’ve been dealing.

Self love made me value me enough to know now is the time to draw the line and set the tone. I learned when harnessing this energy you can’t be afraid to be alone! I promised self I won’t allow people to keep playing in my face instead ima isolate and give myself some space before I do something dumb or catch a case. Ima just simply walk away!

Because Im drawing the line…

I told you before! For me I want something so much more! This is personal! No harsh feelings! I’m taking things for what they are and I’m setting boundaries and cutting ties with those who failed to realize that they have crossed the line! It’s about time I put me first but I ain’t gonna lie this shit kinda hurts because I’m so used to putting others before me and now I get that’s why they always adore me but I said what I said I’m drawing the line! No more allowing you to odee and wild out for respect from time to time! I’m Unapologetically staying true to me because I know energy speaks volumes. Trust me when I say if you cross the line you’ll feel me from a distance before you could ever get next to me again because I need you to feel me when I say “This is where I’m drawing the line!”

“Drawing the line” -Sk 💯

Journal topics

1) Setting Boundaries

When setting boundaries its important to know your values, your needs and how to honor the boundaries you set! Can you think of how you can set healthy boundaries! Take a look below and reflect!

2) The Real 10 year challenge

I see everyone is doing the 10 year challenge where they posted a picture from then and now! Other than your looks what has changed in 10 years for you? Think about it and reflect ! You can simply answer the questions below or just pick which ones resonate with you!

Good luck and happy journaling!

Sending love, light and healing energy always,

-Sk 🖤✨

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