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Dear Mama

You taught me very valuable lessons.

For that I always saw you as a blessing.

You gave me love when I was down.

Picked my chin up so my crown never hit the ground.

For a long time blame was the game I played.

Not realizing you did everything you could, to make that lemonade.

The cards were dealt.

You always felt you did what you had to do.

Your life was a living hell & all you wanted was to finish school.

Single mother with 3 kids.

From house to house you struggled to keep a crib.

Physical health all bad & sh*t none of us had our dads.

Selfish of me to worry about what you didn’t do.

I never noticed, you didn’t feel beautiful.

Love was knocking you down and abusing you.

Running from your past leaving us to deal with the wrath;

Of learning to love unconditionally.

If energy is everything, than I am you and you are me.

Now it’s time to chase those demons & shine bright.

Don't ever dim your light because you never gave up on a fight!

My Mama.

- Sierra D.

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