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Dear J

You was there for me through the hardest of times

When I had nothing to my name

You was there for every crisis

Every panic attack

Every single heartbreak

And every fake friend

You was there for the best of times too

Every promotion

The birth of all three of my children

Every happy moment

There you were

Every beginning and every ending

You're the only one that knows every thought I have in my mind

I have been through so much, and you were there, every single time

So to grow distant from you hurts

I was forced to detach myself from you

Cause we just don't see eye to eye anymore

You're comfortable, and I'm not

I want more out of life, and you don't

You're ok with the bare minimum and I know I deserve the best

I've tried so hard to get you to see your worth

How beautiful you really are

And special

And strong

But no matter what I say to you, you still allow people to do you wrong

And I just can't stick around for that anymore

We fight and argue all the time now, but what are we fighting for?

You are who you are

And I truly love you, I will always love you

Cause if it wasn't for you, there would be no me

And I wouldn't have all the strength that I have now

But I have to let you go

Or you will only hold me back

So with an aching pain in my chest

I say goodbye

Goodbye to the old me

Love and positivity always ✍️🫶🏽✨

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