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What an obsessive mental race

Just know I’ll see it through as long as I’m at a steady pace. I’ll be there at the finish line no matter what it takes. Despite the mental ticking clock. I do have what it takes!



I’m not waiting till the last moment to get it done. I know that feeling too well and I know it’s far from fun. How much time do I have? Will I get it done? Here we go again with the battle of overthinking and anxiety. But this time is different! I’m claiming it! I’ve already won!



Don’t worry I'll find the time, and it's going to get done. I won’t let my old ways of self- doubt tap in and put me out. I’m in control and I'm in route. Although it’s a constant obsessive mental race, It’s me who has what it take! And I tend to get it twisted looking at the glass half empty when I know it's really full. Deadlines give me a vision for the mission. And since that's this case. I’ll see you before the deadline, Deadline .

"Deadline" - Sk 🖤✨

Journal topic: Deadlines

What is the purpose of having a deadline? What are some obstacles to meeting a deadline? What are steps can you take to make sure your meeting your deadlines? Either take a couple minutes and ask yourself or journal it I also included strategies for meeting deadlines below!

15 Proven Strategies for Meeting Deadlines

1. Create a list of deadlines and


2. Have a clear and detailed plan

with a timeline.

3. Divide your job into milestones.

4. Use a timer or clock to track your productivity.

5. Devote enough time.

6. Don't work overtime (unless it

is a critical situation).

7. Create a reward system.

8. Focus on the current step.

9. Use backward planning if you have little time.

10. Keep your workplace clean.

11. Communicate and get feedback.

12. Don't create impossible deadlines.

13. Set reminders.

14. Find like-minded people

15. Define the risks.

Good luck and happy journaling!

Sending love, light, and healing energy always! Simply Keem 🖤✨

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