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Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Staring into the depts of the unknown, 😶‍🌫️ I built a place that feels exactly like my ideals of home. In a place that takes up space but some how seems to be my only escape...

Sounds silly it’s a place that’s only in my mind but to me it doesn’t get any realer especially when I’m trying to escape specific times. This is what it’s like to feel alive. In one place but gone mentally in my mind.

Then here you come yelling and screaming my name telling me...

“Hey Keem! Yes your doing it again, your zoning out in space”

....but do you ever sit down and think hey why does she do this? Can I relate? To be honest it’s the only place ya girl truly feels safe.

We can throw it in the air for a debate after i come back from staring at what you call a blank space.

Even when I’m late snapping back into reality I can see exactly why I love it there.

Although I’m here physically I’m mentally there, in a place that nothing can even compare.

Some days I feel like I live there. Other days it’s a quick visit.

But to me it’s a vision I need to make my mission. You keep talking thinking I’m listening but I’m not even here nor am I there..

I’m somewhere in between, in a place that's been familiar to me. Since a kid I loved to day dream. I’d love to make my daydream place a reality but instead I’m here dealing w real life tragedies.

These feelings get intense super rapidly. One day, I’ll be in that place happily because I mean it when I say I’m making it my mission. I love to day dream but I know not eveything is what it seems to be! But as long as I’m here I’ll continue to be true to me. I can't wait to find my happy space in this physical plane of existence, until then I will remain consistent.

"Daydreaming" - Sk 🖤✨




Journal prompts :



Answer the question to which ever one's seem to resonate with you!

Good luck and happy journaling! Sending love, light and healing energy always,

Simply Keem 🖤✨



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