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Tell me you see your worth. It’s more than dollar bills to fill the void. It’s the thing that you feel when you feel the thrills when you get that joy! It’s the chills that’s…


Your energy is currency. When you exchange your energy, you're giving

The currency to attract what it is you want and those that are on the same type of frequency in that moment. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Do you get it?

It’s all Currency.

Can’t you see it’s you! The light you give off, the aura people see before they meet you, but even in the darkness where you hide your broken pieces, the hurtful memories, and the flash backs of the traumas. It’s where the fallen shattered parts of you are. All of who you are and what you give in each state and as a whole is….


Be mindful how you exchange your currency. Try to keep in mind that thoughts create reality. So the more energy you put into a way of thinking is most likely how the outcome will turn out to be because it’s the energy that you are putting out that the universe feels. It might not react right away but don’t worry, it will come one of these days! You know those goose bumps you get when things resonate or you can feel when what you asked for is headed your way? Those are spiritual chills. It’s all currency! Be mindful in the things you say and do. And don’t be fooled, nothing is free! It’s all an exchange.


-Sk 🖤✨

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