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Controlling The Uncontrollable

Updated: Jan 13, 2022


What do you do when your not in control?

Do you go crazy trying to grasp it or do

you simply let it go? Do you count or say

eff it and inflect pain to tame your flames?

Do you express emotions or just simply go

through the motions? Do you take a walk

or are you a walking ticking bomb who

explodes? We tend to not realize that we

can’t always be in control but what we

can control is our reactions and how we

handle things! Let your stress go and

watch light fill your soul.

Give it to the universe affirm and

watch it unfold. You are a god/goddess

don’t let negativity consume your temple!

Remember balance! Be feminine and

gentle yet masculine and logical. Regain

control by taking a deep breathe and

letting the universe take its toll.

It’s okay to lose control but the way its

handled is up to you! Have faith for

goodness sake! Don’t lose focus in the

stress. Yes it’s a beautiful mess! Trust me

you’ll see! Are you up for the test?

As long as you believe you can achieve

anything! Speak positivity into existence

even in those very moments when it

seems impossible! Find beauty in the

chaos of the world you feel spiraling down

through your frown. Because In that

moment you find what it is to reverse the

madness! Just know you have the key to

get out of the sadness! Yes it may feel dull

in that moment but Life is beautiful! Just

remember there will be times you may feel

severed but no worries because no pain

last forever 🤞🏾💯

-Controlling The Uncontrollable


Affirmation of the week: “I will not worry about things I cannot control”

Lemmeeeee pick your brain 🙃

Journal Topic: Triggers!

Do you know what your trigger are? When triggered are you aware that your being triggered? In situations when you feel triggered how do you normally act? Are you aware of your thought and behaviors in those moments? How can you change how you react when in a situation that you can not control? think about some of these questions and reflect! You can answer all the questions above or just pick the ones you feel resonates with you!

Lets become aware of our Triggers so we can react in a more positive way!

Ways to cope

-Practice relaxing

-Become aware

-Make a plan/ come up w a coping strategy

-Call someone

-Keep a journal

- Exercise regularly

-THINK FIRST before you react

-Be Spirit NOT Ego

Good luck! && Happy journaling!

Sending love light and healing energy always! 🖤✨

- Sk

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