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Cheers to 36 ✨✨

One chapter closes and another opens

As I prepare to celebrate my healing

Fixing what is broken

Which is the inner me

Putting back together the shattered pieces of my spirit

With affirmations, self-love, and lots of positivity

Who else is gonna love me better then me?

Absolutely no one

I pop champagne to a new beginning

I pour to my regrets

And sip to my triumphs of the past year

Close my eyes and savor the sweet taste of trying to forget year 35

35 was three hundred and sixty five days of pretending I was fine

Of learning, unlearning and reinventing

This year will be mine

This year I'll be more then fine

I'll be great

I'll take every risk, face every fear

Live life my way this year

I pour another glass

Raise it in the air

And shout

Cheers to 36 Queen

Love and positivity Always ✨✍️🫶🏽

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