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Chapter 27


“One thing I know I lack is discipline

I’ll start something and I won’t finish it

Over time, if you’re paying attention

You learn, learn through losses, love and lessons

I recently found out, how undisciplined I can be

How I sometimes lack resiliency

Now other people seen this in me before I opened up my eyes to see that,

I’m the problem, there’s no one else to blame, for how far I have came

For how I ruined my reputation before I could even name the list of my excuses

On how I was late on the opportunities to be better than great

Lack of Punctuality, was my fate

Through this I learned how to show up for myself

By acknowledging what I do, and do not do

So no more lack of,

Lack of consistency

Just resiliency

Because I am whoever I say I am

I am passionate, motivated and full of ambition, that’s what I see in me,

I have this dream, of being greater than great

So being on time, that is my fate

This is Chapter 27, where I choose to recreate the image of me I paint.”

-Sierra M. D.


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