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Can I

I watch as you sit next to me

And observe every move

Listening to every word you say

Loving everything about you

You lean in to kiss me

I close my eyes

And as your lips press against mine

All these questions come to mind

Can I cater to your every want and need

When you think of love and peace, can you only think of me

Can I be the one you count on to make you happy when you're sad

And will you still call on me even when you're mad?

Can I be the best thing that's ever happened to you?

And if I give you my deepest love, will you love me too?

My eyes open as I slowly pull away from your kiss

My questions are quickly answered when I look into your eyes

I may be on your mind

You may give me so much of your time

But truth is, you'll never be mine

Love and positivity always 🫶🏽📝

J. Nicole

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