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Built Different

I don’t think they get it..

When all you know is struggle

You look at life different

When childhood memories hit ,

they really make a difference.

It’s literally flashbacks to times you were oblivious in, you know times you didn’t even consciously know you was living in.

People who come from struggle always have this spark! Like although there’s fire burning in their hearts it never stops them from getting up and because they know who they are from the start.


They just built different.

Whole lives living damn near invisible

That’s why it’s important that you not only read this but see this as a visual. They were never invisible they just didn’t have the things handed to them when they needed it the most. That’s why they feel the need to exceed the expectations and break all limitations piled on them from generation to generations.

But it don’t stop! They just get up and keep going despite the unknown.

These people are just built different!

Not being considered for a position because “Do they really fit in?” Not knowing they’re more qualified for the position then the the guy with the degree, but hey what do I know I’m just another ONE that comes from the streets.

But they don’t know what it’s like to not have a choice. Making ends meet regardless who’s with you or who hears your voice. We're the people that’s gonna make some noise because we know what it takes. That place just missed out on an asset thinking that people like us  aren’t good enough to be a prospect because they’re looking at how they can paint us to be a liability before they can even see the possibilities of the qualities that could have been added as an asset to any facility.

But it’s all good they just don't get that people like us are built different!

You can’t stop us and won’t stop us!

Because, the shit life has thrown our way you couldn’t even phantom to live through it for even a day. How we made it out alive and still get up and thrive!

They hate to see it because WE'RE BUILT DIFFERENT!

“Built different” - Sk 🖤✨

Ever feel like people don't get you because they don't know your struggle? Trust me there's alot of us that has seen and been at rock bottom many times... you are NOT alone!

For this weeks journal topic just answer the following questions and see where you end up !

What childhood memory can you remember that reminds you of how your build different? Can you think back to a tough time in your life that you didn't let stop you from becoming who you feel your meant to be even though there were so many reason to stop you?

Collect and reflect! 🪞

Happy journaling !

- Simply Keem 🖤✨

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