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Brain Fog

Today's topic is brain fog. A symptom of both postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It also can be an issue with things like depression (which I have that as well) and various other mental and physical health issues. It is also becoming more common as many experience it after Covid. Brain fog is basically what it sounds like. It makes it hard to focus, to think, to remember. Your mind is not functioning clearly. It makes trying to do stuff like work incredibly difficult because you cannot focus or remember. I may forget something I literally just talked with someone about. I've had to start keeping a notebook with me for work so that I can write things down as I talk with my members or I may not remember our conversation. I've had times that I have barely remembered even seeing someone. Brain fog has been worse for me ever since I had Covid. It also gets worse whenever I'm sick or my depression or anxiety are acting up more. Brain fog can be embarrassing because I may forget something important or it seems like I'm slacking off at work when in reality, I'm trying harder than ever. I may jump around tasks a lot (like even more than I normally do) so I don't actually get anything done to turn in. I may even forget words and then my writing or speech suffers. Friends or family may tell me something important and I might forget. Given that I look OK on the outside, it's one of the symptoms that people can easily forget about. It is easy to write it off as someone simply being forgetful or as someone not caring. Try to be patient if someone tells you that they have been having issues with focus or memory due to brain fog. Give them reminders of important info and events. If you experience brain fog, try keeping your phone or a thing of sticky notes with you so you can jot down anything important.

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