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I write to connect with my inner self

And disconnect with my fears

Writing is my escape into something beautiful

On my ugliest days

Putting my mind at ease

Pouring my worries into these blue lines

The ugly truth

This is how i pass time

The step to admitting that when life seems hard

We disconnect and pour our sorrows into things that only bring more pain

Without gain ?

it’s a cycle we repeat to forget .

Then we tend to regret something that could have been avoided

It’s called choices

Instead of using my voice to voice it

I  avoid it

I found purpose in giving my voice purpose

So I center my self and refocus

My words have meaning

I’m finding a way to express them

Not suppress them

Or neglect them

I try to let go and let god

Most time we’re at odds

I was told to never questions

And then I find myself questioning

Guess it's just a thing called lessons

Humbly accepting all my blessings

This is only the beginning

Nya Renee ✍️🖤🥶

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