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Aroma Rose Gardens by Sheema Tamu

Why Aroma Rose Gardens?

I am a Nurse Practitioner by trade and then COVID-19 Happened. It changed my prospective a lot about business, generational wealth, and the need to have my own business. My partner stepped in and encouraged the venture. I wanted to bring consumers quality tea. Most of the teas are organic in nature and if they aren’t organic, the distributors I use are top notch. Id like to emphasize the health benefits of teas in my brands as well. I have teas for Sleep, to keep you awake, for cold/ flu, beauty (coming soon). As far as Quality of tea, If a consumer wanted safety data on any of our tea I could provide that info. Im sorry, you can’t really say that about grocery store teas. We have little info on the tea we are consuming. Id like to Educate Consumers about tea history, benefits etc

Why Tea and Aroma Rose Gardens

So I have a deep Love for Tea. Im like a true lover. I was born in Jamaica so we would have tea sometimes several times a day, especial when we were ill. I reared my children the same way. We would have teatime once a week when they were little to talk about school or whatever they wanted to.

Why the name Aroma Rose

The Distinctive Aroma of these teas are out of this world! Rose is my mom’s nickname, Everything starts with her. Her delicacy and strength Unmatched. I truly believe in these products, They truly speak for themselves.

What’s coming up for Aroma Rose?

I Definitely would like to increase my marketing getting my name out here. Possible collaborate with Local businesses

Where do you see Aroma Rose Gardens in the next year? 5 years?

In 1 year, I see Aroma Rose Gardens being a Lifestyle Brand I plan to broaden the brand to sell other quality products. Who Knows in 5 years I may have a quaint little store front

Thank You Mark. Please visit our website @ Customers Can get 10% using code “Welcome”

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