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Self expression

Turns into

Sex expression

Slow, and steady

Deep strokes

The best way to

Express your love to me

Eye contact

With every deep

deep stroke of intimacy

Don’t say much

Just whisper to me

How u feel safe and warm

I can tell it feels good

To express yourself

With every inch in me

Self expression

Through intimacy

I feel what you feel

When you look at me

I see every position you want me in

Got these visions replay,

Of how u pick me up in the air

Bouncing me up and down

I’m holding back screams

We can’t be too loud

But the sound of

Every inch inside

Makes me purrr

You got me wanting




Our bodies hit the floor

In ecstasy

As you lay next to me

Your phone rings… it’s wifey

-Sierra M. D.

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