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A Way Out

Updated: May 9

Ppl tend to put on this immaculate public facade to hide what they’re feeling inside

Got it hidden like the locked up secrets in the garage.

Behind the scenes with no means of innerstanding what ppl have to say.

They're in their own world

They are careless needless to say.

To me they only talk when they see a person is is on their way.




The insults no longer got me in the mood

Hitting you with emotional baggage.

Showing you the way while doing damages to your mental but it’s all apart of the plan while you go through the passage. Those locked up emotions rubbed up on you like the smoothest irritating lotion.


Left and right!

We tend to put up a show like were alright! Won’t let them see that hurt little you deep inside. Trust me I get it we all tend to do it. Its called pride.

Lessons or losses?

Depends on how you see the bigger picture. Painted as a queen one day and then as mean the next day.

Their ideals of me don't confide me to be who they see based off their impression of what they see. But I learn who cares anymore... I used to want to be adored now I can careless even more! Just be true to you as that's your only way out! Don't let these ppl think they got you figured all out! Only you are the one who can speak about what type of experience you want to live which is the main mission to choose the path to get you to the life you want to live.

A Way Out x Sk 🖤

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