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A Message To Trump Supporters

With less then one week remaining in the Trump Administration I think we really need to square up. For four years we held out hope of you seeing the error and destruction of your support for the vile monster that inhabited our highest office. For four years we all hoped that you, our neighbors, our co-workers and our family were not just what your words, your support and your actions said you were. We hoped that as the devil further showed himself that you were better, you would resist, maybe you would have courage to walk away. But you didn't. In fact it was foolish for us to think you would. What we all now know is that you didn't cut ties, you didn't have enough and you didn't walk away because the devil is in fact you.

You always knew what you were signing up for or you would have broke ranks long ago. He carried a message that has always resonated deep within you. It's so easy to see that the democracy that you stood up for, fought for, even died for, was only worth the fight so long as you were in control of it. Its so clear now. I could kick myself for missing it. Your love of the democracy was only love because the power you enjoyed under it gave you the power to decide who benefited from it. As that power slipped away so did your love for democracy. The attempted overthrow of the election says it all. Your not as stupid as you would like us all to believe. You knew no election was stolen. You haven't seen one iota of evidence to support that shit. You utilize conspiracy theories only to give talking points for your behavior. You supported a attempted coup attempt not because you thought an election was stolen from you, but because you were watching and feeling your need to be the administrator of who benefits from the democracy slip through your racist hands. You are not as stupid as you appear. The whole argument for guns and assault rifles were about this very moment when you knew you would have to fight to keep the democracy that elevated you to the top of the food chain working for you. The rest be damned!!!

The events that let to the Capital Offices being overtaken was a clear indicator of what and who you are. You stormed the building carrying the flag of the devil that lead you, you beat law enforcement officers with the very flag that was created to honor them. Make no mistake about it we see you for all that you are. Trump has exposed the vile, racist, flag waving fascist that you truly are. We see you so clearly!!!

I used to think that some of you were different. That was hope but not using my better judgement. You saw just what I saw. You heard just what I heard. You just chose to go along with it. Your choice was not a hard choice. After all this is just what you are. This is exactly who you are.

So I write this to make something perfectly clear. We have no desire to heal. Healing will allow you to crawl back into the swamp that this devil summoned you from. The only way this country heals is with the elimination of you and your wickedness. Then and only then do we become the United States.

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