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A Change Gonna Come

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Hello, blessings and greetings to all our readers. I am definitely pleased to be a part of such an amazing platform that allows freedom to share ideas in such a positive way. When deciding the topics that I would bring to the table and the order of relevancy I would direct my attention, after many presses of the delete button I concluded the one topic I see less and less discussion about the one topic that holds less and less relevancy in magazines and headlines these days. The impact of such a traumatic experience as these last few months on our youth.

During the recent months of being surrounded by violence, tragedy, and death, there are so many things about the national and international conditions that our minds have become clouded to the things most relevant in our homes, the people and things we loved and enjoyed previous to this pandemic have been pushed aside, hid behind masks and covered in isolation. So many things we have lost site of while pursuing social, financial and political agendas we have neglected the mental, physical and spiritual needs of our most valued assets. Citizens have forsaken their efforts to protect this country and all countries seemingly most valuable asset, the children. Movements, scare tactics, and politics have all lead to the digression of the support and guidance that the youth are not receiving. Life changed dramatically for all of us, we are all impacted in some way by job loss, life loss, and overall change in everything we do. Children have lost peers, mentors, structure and all we can do is complain about masks and hours at Walmart changing? Common political banter replaces conversation daily that could lead to the rebuilding and restructuring of our not only most valuable commodity but the future of our world. The youth. The facet to me that we spend more attention on mandating of vaccination efforts and attempts to thwart those than we do on collective community and national efforts to keep schools open and keep these children safe from the harshest effects of this has driven me to a better purpose.

The knowledge first lies in what we can do to help, for me it was simply starting in my own home recognizing this is bigger than any of us have ever imagined. As a grown woman if we feel the mental strain this is creating imagine the children, the little boy who lost the one person that smiles at them everyday as they live in abusive household, let’s remember the little girl who doesn’t eat dinner and the school lunches and staff have raised her. Let us not forget the normality of being there for these children, the normality of being a normal adult who can fix and heal all wound. It is still the job of each and everyone of us to protect the future of our nation, this is just about a pandemic this is the effort of the atmosphere to align us with are proper roles and positions in life as nurtures, builders and progressive individuals placed in this mass with a higher purpose. What purpose do you see? I see that the children are our future and there is no purpose in pretending that we aren’t handing over this disaster to those who are unprepared. My purpose is preparation.

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