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I write to bare my soul.

To take off my mask.

Even when its me by myself to do that can be such a task.

Sometimes I write and it make sense other times I read my writing and the feelings get intense. For me its really the suspense of what I'm going to write next.

There is no real method to what I write or how I type. No specific rhythm scheme to what my mind tends to see and how my writing turns out to be.

A little of the inner child in me mixed with the wounded adult that still healing is the recipe of all the pieces you'll see from me.

It's all deep I know you'll feel the energy when you read anything that comes from me. Just know a lot of what I write took a lot of courage for me to bring these things to the surface.

I'm in a place that I've accepted all of me, even the not so pretty pieces that I talk about that go unseen, because I know now I have a purpose.

While I'm learning to heal my wounds from the traumas that I have endured so far I'm hoping that some of my words resonates and help create a healthier way to heal.


In my writing I chose to talk about both the light and the dark parts that are embedded within us making us who we are.

What you read is the bare me.

I'm Simply Keem.


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