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Calling it how I see it through the B.S.

Lately there has been a couple cold cases of that undiagnosed B.B.S.


Yeah I said it . BBS. They're not always easy to identify. They're the type to smile in your face then when your not around act like they don't fck w you and they can’t relate. Sooo they TRY to throw nothing but shade while they play in your face. Whole time they're one of your biggest fans despite whatever scheme they have to ruin your plans! They're obsessive and Undercover ASF. Scheming on how they can bring you down so they can get ahead.

It's some nutty shit! I’m telling you..

its that


You think they wanna see you win but in all

reality they wanna see you fail, because to them deep inside they know your not as frail

as they try to make you seem. They see the obstacles that get in your way and instead of saying man how can I get like them not allowing anything to stop them or get in their way? They try to take any credit that's given to you away. But hey that's okay I just identify it as a cold case of that


They imagine themselves in your shoes thinking they can do what you do! Not knowing all the behind the scene. Just simply going off how you make it look and how easy you make it seem.

Judging a book by its cover without knowing the story. Not knowing the ins and outs of what you had to do and the moves you had to make doing whatever it takes .

Or what about how much courage you built up to simply ask for help although you know what you know, it really does takes a village. Despite whatever bs they could never paint the same image as you. The way you make it do what it do.

But that's why I say keep an eye out for the ones with B.B.S. They're danagerous they'll have thinking they're your friend. Whole time their energy is filled with envy and hate. They can't accept the script is already written they can't stop fate. People with this condition can be deadly, I recommend you stay away from them and elevate.

Don't let them in your circle no matter how down and friendly they can be! Having them around is not it! They'll suck you dry of your energy, disturbing your inner g. Leaving you drained... Making you look like the enemy knowing they playing the role of a


No need to go through that. Just peep one symptom it will tell you all you need to know about the ones with


x Sk 🖤✨


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