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8 Tips to wearing dress shoes

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

1. Break in new shoes before wearing them

This can be done by using a shoe stretcher, pre-stretching shoes or wearing shoes around the house before you plan on wearing them. 

2. Think ahead with a coordinating pair of comfortable shoes

Bring a comfy pair of flats, sneakers, or casual shoes that compliment your look to ensure your not compromising your foot health. Taking shoes off 

in public spaces is dangerous of many reasons and it is not a very steins look. 

3. Consider your activities and environment when selecting dress shoes 

Factors such as floor / ground surface, length of theme standing, and how broken in the shoe is should be considered when selecting the dress shoe to complete your look. This is important to ensure you avoid walking funny due to foot pain. 

4. Keep those shoulders back and belly engaged!

When walking in dress shoes be sure to keep your posture upright and stomach engaged. Doing so will increase your balance and support a graceful stride. 

5. Get connected with a cobbler. 

A good cobbler can save you time breaking in new shoes and money buying new shoes by fixing minor issues that may occur. 

6. Take care of your feet regularly

Use toe exercise straps, gel separators, toe separating socks, arch exercises, silicone shields, or bunion splints to protect feet from bunions and foot pain. Also be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your feet.

7. Know your limits

It is hard to face but sometimes the shoes we want don’t want us! Wearing shoes around the store before purchase or the house before use can also give us time not only gage fit but also make sure your stride matches your look. Nothing can destroy a look faster than not being able to walk gracefully in your stylish shoes. 

8. Regular foot care is advised but after wear care is a necessity

It is important that you tend to your feet the same night or day after wearing dress shoes. If you wear dress shoes regularly it is strongly advised that feet are tended to weekly. 

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