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4 Play

Pull me closer

Skin to skin

Talk me through it

Before you dive right in

Turn me over

Wet up your face and chin

Touching your favorite place

Give it a taste

Now talk me through it

I’m riding your face

You love how it taste

Slow down

Set the pace

Talk me through it

Licking your lips

You start to grin

Before you slip it in

Talk me through it

Submissive ?

So I submit

I’m tryna quit

You pull me In

Moaning and shit

Talk me through it

Spread them wide

Gripping my thighs

I’m busting it open

Wet like the ocean

Pin me down

Look in my eyes

Milk and honey

Start to arise

Hands bracing

Talk me through it

Body to body

Caressing my face

Speed up the pace

Give you a taste

From you favorite place

Back shots

While your pulling my hair

Welcome to Pound town

Ass straight in the air

Turn the music up

Before the neighbors hear

I climb on top

Talk me through it

Time to make this boat rock

Gripping me

Don’t stop

Knees locked

4 play

I need you in more ways

Warm and creamy

You do something to me

Suns rising while I’m riding

Every time you call

Im sliding

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