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Eliminating Back Fat: Try These Moves At Home For a Leaner Back!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Photo by Chappell Studios Photography

As a personal trainer, a big problem area I see for many women is stubborn back fat. Although bras and shapewear can help smooth out the back under clothing, there are some simple moves you can do at home to help lean out the back.

So as we turn our backs on 2020 (pun intended), let’s do some work to bring sexy back! Here are some ideas to do so:


Photo by Mark Davis

Lay flat on your stomach using a yoga mat, soft-carpeted surface, or grass if you are outdoors. Legs are straight, and arms extended straight ahead. Lift all limbs off the floor for 1 minute. If 1 minute feels too long, do it for just 30 seconds. This move strengthens the entire back even targets the glutes (butt) and hamstrings (back of legs.)

Rear Deltoid Pull

This move is excellent for posture.

Using a stretchy band, you can get these at Walmart, Target, or anywhere online; wrap the band around your hands a few times, ensuring enough resistance. Next, hold the band straight out in front of you and pull apart in a lateral motion (to the side); make sure your arms stay straight and feel the squeeze of your shoulders, then release. I recommend three sets of 8-12 reps.

Back Row

With a barbell, dumbbells, or stretchy band, you can make this move at home. If you want to use a heavier weight, fill a bag with books, or use rocks from the yard, place one in each hand, making sure each stone is about the same weight.

Standing with feet about a foot apart, toes straight ahead, hinge at the hips keeping a straight back. With a barbell, keep elbows straight back, lift the bar toward the chest and lower, and make the same motion with dumbbells. With a stretchy band, put the band below your feet. If you need to, spread the feet a little to add resistance if required. Then pull the band straight back and release.

Again, with each version of this move, make sure you squeeze the back muscles. Also, make sure to keep the back straight! Many people hunch the back when doing this exercise.

Happy training and Happy New Year!

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