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10 Signs you are misusing your wardrobe

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

1. You’re wearing repeat everyday looks.

The origin of this issue is what I call “go-to” items. Consider your looks over one month. Are these items ‘go-to’ largely because they fit comfortably? Do you fall back on these items out of frustration? Are these also items that you launder most often?

2. You find yourself saying you have nothing to wear but have a lot of clothes.

The origin of this issue is having too many options. Does creating looks cause confusion when looking at options? Are you exploring a new style and have not detoxed the old looks? Do you create a mess when dressing so you use “go-to” items?

3. It is difficult to identify complimentary items in your wardrobe.

The origin of this issue is the lack of transitional wardrobe staples. Consider your motivations to make purchases. Is the majority of your wardrobe purchased for work or vacation only? Do you look for items that flatter you and may be appropriate for multiple occasions? Are your accessory items being used creatively?

4. You look at your wardrobe and feel overwhelmed.

The origin of this issue is lack of planning. Consider the manner in which you accumulated your wardrobe. Have you synced your motivation to make purchases with how those purchases will be stored? Do you detox your wardrobe annually? Are past purchases often forgotten? Would like a solution but do not know where to start?

5. You are using under 85% of your wardrobe annually.

The origin of this issue is found in the amount of wardrobe items that you “plan to use”. Consider those impulse buys, options for special occasions or vacations. Are there many items that you have not worn that have tags on them? Do you have well fitting wardrobe items that have not been worn in over a year? Do you still find these items fashionable?

6. You know what style you want but don’t feel your wardrobe supports the vision.

Think about your overall creative process. Are you inspired by images of stylish individuals? Do you purchase exact items of their look or close replicas? Did you detox your wardrobe annually? Do you relate inspirations back to your signature style?

7. You shop for new clothes often.

The origin of this issue is a cycle of buyer's remorse. Consider your after purchase behavior. Are you closely evaluating items? Do you rely on return policies as a safety net? Are you ensuring that needs are prioritized higher than pleasure from making a purchase?

8. It is stressful to put your clothes away after laundering.

The origin of this issue is unorganized wardrobe storage. Think about the space available for wardrobe storage. Do you consider storage space when buying new wardrobe items? Are you storing items in easy access places? Do you use the proper folds and hangers to store items? Is laundry being done frequently to avoid back up?

9. You forget about items that are in your wardrobe.

The origin of this issue is mixed between lack of organization and having too many options. Consider your intentions for wardrobe purchases. Has your wardrobe increased since your last detox? Are you wardrobe items placed in an easy access manner? Are many items purchased with no immediate use in mind?

10. You lack diversity among categories of clothing.

The origin of this issue is fear of leaving a comfort zone. Consider the items your most comfortable using. Do you tend to buy multiple colors of the same style item? Do you buy or wear the same color items? Are you giving yourself permission to look different from your usual look?

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